Venus in the Blind Spot by Junji Ito

In Junji Ito’s newest collection of graphic short horror stories people mysteriously disappear only to turn up sewn together in massive clusters. A baby cries from within a grave, carried to term by his already dead mother. The Nanzan UFO Research Society suddenly can no longer see the woman who leads their group. A talented and prolific author discovers that there is something unsettling about the chair she works from. The conclusions to these and many more stories wait within these pages

Venus in the Blind Spot has a story to unsettle anyone. Whether your fear is aliens, creepy children, dolls, ghosts, monsters, or body horror there is a story in these pages to send chills down your spine. Along with the inherent creepiness of the stories, his art style perfectly depicts the horrors. He is truly a master of horror.

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