City In the Sky

In this riveting behind-the-scenes, three-part DVD series, City in the Sky, one of the many questions asked and answered includes, “What does it take to get a million people and their luggage off the ground and up in the air?” A great deal and certainly more than I ever imagined.

This literal tour de force takes the viewer on a fascinating journey around the world to illustrate how complex and multi-faceted modern international air travel has become as well as the challenges ahead for the future of aviation.

From the different pieces of the Airbus made in numerous countries then shipped in the middle of the night for assembly in a French village, to the intricate pipeline stretching for miles all over Europe supplying billions of gallons of gasoline to airplanes on the continent, the intricate and incredibly efficient baggage system at the Dubai airport, how the safety of a million people airborne at the same time depend on complex global technology networks, and how the air traffic controllers at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta coordinates thousands of take offs and landing.  

Find the DVD series here

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