Audiobook – In Pieces written and read by Sally Field

Looking back on her life on and off the screen, Sally Field brings a mature, sensitive, and poignant reading to her intimate, hauntingly honest, as well as authentic and fresh memoir, In Pieces.

She takes us through her personal life from the beginning as a shy, lonely, anxious child growing up with an unpredictable, alcoholic actress mother and larger than life abusive step-father, and the complications and trauma those relationships brought to her adult life including her troubled relationship with Burt Reynolds, her unsettling complicated, strained love for her mother, her unsuccessful marriages, and her own role as mother to three boys.

Intertwined in her personal narrative are the extraordinary highs and lows of her remarkable career beginning with, at the age of seventeen, her California surfer girl-next-door Gidget, her stifling and frustrating existence as the flying nun, the years spent learning and perfecting her craft at The Actor’s Studio, her stunning breakthrough Emmy Award winning performance as the multiple personality Sybil, as well as her Academy Award winning Norma Rae, and most recent portrayal of iconic Mary Todd Lincoln.

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