The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

In The Unhoneymooners, perpetually unlucky Olive Torres somehow manages to be one of the only two people at her twin sister Ami’s wedding who does not come down with violent food poisoning, the other being Ethan Thomas, brother of the groom and Olive’s personal nemesis. The honeymoon—an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii that Ami won in a contest—can’t be rescheduled, so the newlyweds urge Olive and Ethan to go in their place. If anyone finds out about the switch, the prize will be rescinded, so they are forced to pretend to be a couple. They intend to avoid each other as much as possible, but circumstances keep pushing them together, and the more time they spend pretending to like each other, the more they start to consider becoming a couple for real.

This is a sweet and hilarious romantic comedy that stands out for its clever, snarky dialogue. Olive and Ethan had a lot of chemistry, and their playful enemies-to-lovers relationship reminded me a lot of Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game (another favorite of mine). Christina Lauren also did a great job portraying Olive’s large, close-knit extended family and the complicated relationships between the main characters and their siblings.

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