The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

In The Bromance Book Club, Gavin, a professional baseball player, is having marriage troubles: his wife, Thea, wants a divorce and has asked him to move out. He wants to save their relationship but only succeeds in making it worse… until one of his teammates invites him into a secret book club. This book club, which is made up entirely of pro athletes and powerful businessmen, reads romance novels in order to understand how women think, so that they can improve their relationships by treating their partners better. With the help of the book club, Gavin concocts a plan to win Thea back, using a romance novel as a blueprint.

The standout feature in this book is the large cast of quirky, well-drawn secondary characters, particularly the members of the book club, who have a strong, supportive friendship. The novels that the book club discusses are fictional, but the descriptions and excerpts will ring true with any romance fan. While the book doesn’t go into very much detail about baseball, it does focus heavily on the expectations that are placed on the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. If you love romantic comedies, sports romances, and sensitive male characters, you may want to check out this book.

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