Stay : A Novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde

What a wonderful surprise this book was! When it came across my desk, it immediately grabbed my attention because of the cover…a young boy and two enormous dogs, I had to take a look! I read the inside of the jacket and knew I had to read it even though I had never heard of the author or title. I started it that night and it was one of those books that you can’t wait to get to, but drag out finishing because you don’t want the story to end.

Stay is a heartwarming story about a 14 year boy named Lucas. Lucas is a bit of a loner who has one good friend, Connor who is struggling with some very heavy issues. Lucas has his own issues at home, a very strained relationship with his parents and an older brother who is off fighting in Vietnam. He gets lost in the woods one day while running and is befriended by these two huge dogs that live in a cabin with a woman named Zoe. The story is beautifully written and shows the bond that animals can bring us as well as the great importance of good friendships, a must read!!
Written by Natalie G., Technical Services Department

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