Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh

Clementine is a normal high school girl with friends, family, and romantic attention from boys her age. She doesn’t seem to reciprocate, though. When a friend takes her out on the town, she wanders into a lesbian bar and meets a girl named Emma. The attraction is instant and palpable. Clementine must come to terms with who she is, and who she loves. 

Delicate line work and watercolors give this heart-wrenching graphic novel a soft, sad appearance that fits the story well. A limited color palette is used throughout the book, mainly grey scale with minimal use of the color blue in poignant moments. The story is well written with great dialogue. This book tugs at the reader’s heartstrings and takes them back to their own high school days. This is available in ebook format from Overdrive!

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