The Little Britches Series, by Ralph Moody

We actually read the Ralph Moody series as a family. We got into the rhythm of reading at night after supper, so that it became a part of our lives. There are a total of eight fabulous books and each one is a delight to read. Think Little House on the Prairie but for older teens and grownups. At the opening Ralph Moody and his family have moved out to Colorado where Ralph learns to ride horses to herd cattle and do trick riding. His father passes away and Ralph secretly gets a job trick riding at a rodeo to help his mother and siblings with money.

The family then moves back to the east coast, where the family was originally from, and Ralph must learn to adapt to city life. Soon after he goes to live with his grandfather in Maine, where he learns to farm. He then yearns for the West again and heads out only to run out of money. He earns enough money making busts of bankers and is careful to send most of the money to his mother. He ends up helping a young window bring in the harvest with the help of other migrant workers. In this amazing series Ralph proves to be resourceful, kind and generous to a fault. His amazing adventures are even more surprising by the fact that they actually happened.
Written by Mark Marson, Tech Center

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